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Not Enough Time in the Day?

A guest post by Charlotte

If you’ve only recently become a parent one piece of advice is worth listening to; don’t blink. If you do the cute, chubby little toddler will turn into a monstrous teenager and blink again and it’ll be doing it post-graduate doctorate. Parents often looked stunned when they see their adult children returning with their own family in tow – the phrase ‘where did all the time go’. It goes faster than you think and part of the problem is that we never have enough time to sit back and just enjoy the here and now. Any busy mum (or dad) may think that there’s not enough time in the day as it is, but sometimes, saving time is worth it. Here are a few tips.

Time saving tips for mums – and dads

Plan everything like you have OCD but don’t develop OCD! From the pre-school run, the school run, the grocery shopping, the afternoon school-run, the post-school runs and mealtimes. Ensure you do your shopping for groceries online or at least work the shopping around other trips. Planning not only helps you get through the day, but it can teach the little darlings to be in the right time and right place, which is actually a good life skill to instil. Also let every plan you have in place go out of the window on occasion – we all need a little spontaneity.

If you’re morning routine feels like a major battle and leaves the house looking like the trenches, then the above tip is essential. School bags should be packed the night before, with (finished homework), gym clothes and signed permission forms for the school trip to the alligator sanctuary. Get the kid’s in on this type of organisation from as early an age as possible.

Do everything you can online, from buying groceries online to checking out the best deals on holidays and paying bills. The internet wasn’t invented for chatting to friends, it’s there to be useful and make our lives simpler. If you’ve tried online grocery shopping and found it has some downsides in the past give it another go – there’s new services developing all the time and many of them have learned from the supermarkets mistakes.

Anybody who has children and doesn’t make use of them will find that they are permanently up to their necks in washing, cleaning and other household chores. Children should be seen and not heard, except when they’re vacuuming, as the old saying goes (at least I think it does). Seriously, it’s the twenty first century and chores should be shared by all household members. They’ll thank you for it when they’re older. Honest.

The family that eats together argues a lot; but they also save a lot of time. One mealtime, no exceptions, is a good rule. Eating at the dinner table together is supposed to be one of the great joys of family life, and whether you agree or not, it certainly makes cleaning away the dishes and stacking the dishwasher far easier (for the kids).

As a parent much of our time is spent arbitrating disputes; if you don’t believe me, time it on the next occasion. You can call in the UN to do this sort of thing I believe, but they seem to be pretty busy at the moment. The alternative is to tell the kids to sort it out themselves; I know, that sounds like a recipe for murder. The rule is they have ten minutes to deal with the issue and when the times up if it’s not sorted then it’s ‘quiet time in separate rooms’. If the arguments not sorted after that they’re grounded until further notice. This sounds harsh but I’ve discovered kids are actually more reasonable and less willing to sulk with each other than most adults; I can sulk for weeks, the kids can’t.

So where’s the benefit in all this planning and kid self-management. You’ll find that you have more time on your hands every day and that time can be spent in a number of ways. Most parents appreciate a bit of family time (the dinner round the table is often quite enough) but it’ll free you up to enjoy watching them grow up. The time we have with our kids is precious and it terrify you when you realise how quickly they grow up, however, by streamlining the boring stuff in life you’ll all have more time to enjoy – some of it together!

Author Bio

Charlotte actively blogs about Travel Trips, Food & Drink covering everything from the latest fashion trends to milk&more veg boxes. When she is free she loves shopping, discovering new products & playing with her dog Mocha.

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